Thursday, June 2, 2011


My dear friend Teresa (who has 3 month b/g twins) put together this wonderful list of companies who send you coupons or free products for having multiples. Yay!! If anyone knows of any others let us know:) Thanks Teresa.

Beechnut Baby Foods You can call 1-800-BEECHNUT ( 1-800-233-2468) to request a freebies new parents pack for your twins. They will include double the normal amount of coupons for products and and you'll get ongoing newsletters with additional coupons. You can also sign up for an online email newsletter. Beechnut newsletter for more coupons (I called them; got lots of coupons and 2 red baby spoons.)

Newsletter, product information and coupons 1-800-442-4221 Earth's Best Baby Foods (They wanted me to call back closer to the birth, or after they said they would send out coupons.)

Enfamil( Mead Johnson) - talk to your pediatrician after your babies are born and ask them to contact their local Enfamil representative who can issue a recommendation that free products be sent to the parents. You can also call 1-800-BABY-123 ( 1-800-222-9123) to join the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program for ongoing coupons through the mail.

Evenflo Call 1-800-233-5921 for information on receiving a freebies gift basket for twins. You'll need to send them proof of your babies by mail but call first to get registered. (They sent me some pacifiers.)

The First Years Write to them to request being a part of their Multiple Birth Program ( you'll need to send copies of the birth certificates) and get a free gift basket of rattles/toys. The mailing address is The First Years Attention Multiples , 100 Technology Center Dr, Ste 2A Stoughton, MA 02072 (They want proof after babies are born.)

Gerber Call 1-800-4-GERBER ( 1-800-443-7237) to sign up for the Gerber Supertwins program. You'll get coupons for free Gerber products- double the amount sent to parents of singletons. ( They sent two onesies and lots of cool coupons.)

Halo Sleep Sac - These are the BEST way to get your babies to sleep !!! Call 1-888-999-4256 - they offer buy one full price ( $24.95) get one for half price - ask for the twin discount! Get your babies to sleep

Heinz - Call 1-800-872-2229 to receive free stuff for twins - welcome packets for each of your twins - coupons for Heinz baby products and informational literature. (They sent coupons.)

Huggies-they will give you a one time gift of much higher-value coupons for parents of twins and you'll receive ongoing coupons through the mail after signing up for their program. Mail proof of birth to Kimberly Clark Corp. Dept. QMB PO Box 2020 Neenah, WI 54957-2020 (They want proof after babies are born.)

JC Penney Portraits There's an online form on the JC Penney website to sign up for their Multiple Birth Program. You can get a pair of portrait sitting coupons for your twins ( offers can vary)- Complete the online form here

Johnson and Johnson - Call 1-800-526-3967 to receive free stuff for twins- a twins pack that includes great coupons and informational literature on their baby products. (They sent coupons.)

McNeal Consumer Products The makers of Tylenol will send you free welcome packs for your twins if you call 1-800-962-5357 ( option #5) and make sure you tell them you have twins ! (Nothing, they directed me to their website,

Mom and Baby Works they offer deals for parents and multiples through their Multiple Births Program. They have buy one, get one free on selected products purchased directly through our 1-866-477-5144 Check them out here!

Nestle Infant Nutrition-Call 1-800-782-7766 to request the address and a registration code number so that you can mail them proof of your twins ( doctor's letter, crib cards, birth certificates), to get coupons for 2 free cans of Nestle Good Start DNA and RNA formula. Take all the freebies offers on formula that you can - it really adds up and you don't know at first which one you'll be using long term! You can also sign up for their free magazine online ( more coupons in here !) Nestle (They sent me two free cans of formula and two onesies.)

Oceanspray - Parents of twins can receive a special deal on Oceanspray product coupons in the Multiple Birth Program. Send a copy of proof of your twins birth to Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. One Ocean Spray Drive, Lakeville-Middleboro, MA 02349 (They want proof after they are born.)

Pampers or Luvs - Call 1-800-726-7377 to request a freebie package as part of their Pampers Multiples Birth program or call 1-800-665-3257 for a freebies package from the Luvs Multiple Birth program. You'll get coupons for diapers and wipes and product samples. Sign up for both ! (They want proof after they are born.)

Playtex Diaper Genie - to be part of their Multiple Birth Program and get a coupon for $7.00 off a Diaper Genie and other coupons send your name and address and proof of your twins birth to Playtex Diaper Genie, 20 Troy Road, Whittany, NJ, 07981 (They sent three coupons for 6.99 off of a diaper genie or refill.)

Preschoolian Shoes- Fax copies of the birth certificates to 1-866-681-1081 ( toll free) and include your email addy. They will email you back a code which will reduce the price of your by 50% - shoes must be purchased in multiples of 2 ( 2, 4 6) - For more information you can go here

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus - you can get free stuff for twins circus certificates for your twins if you sign up online before they turn one - they don't have an expiration date and kids usually appreciate the circus more when they're a little older - after you're registered send a copy of your twins birth certificates to Baby's First Circus Program , Feld Entertainment, Inc, 8607 Westwood Center Drive, VA, 22182 Fill out the online form here

Similac - Call 1-800-232-7677 for information on their Welcome Additions Club and to receive a welcome kit of coupons and samples. It's too confusing to sign up online for twins so call them and tell them your good news! (Join their welcome additions club online if you haven't already, they will send you tons of coupons, check vouchers for free formula, etc.)

White House Greetings - not twin specific but a fun thing to do - send your twins names, birthdate and your address to the White House to receive an official congratulations from the President - nice keepsake! Write to The White House Greeting Office Room 39, Washington D.C. 20500

Sassy , Inc 1-800-633-9111 Buy one, get one free, offer for a feeding utensil set or training cup. (they sent an order form for buy one, get one free.)
Spencers 1-800-633-9111 Growth chart, product booklet and coupons.

Stride Rite Stores - have discounts for multiples - ask for details in store (We don't have a store around here that I know of.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Going from a family of four with two incomes to a family of SIX with one income has been quite the challenge at times. Since I am not working I have decided to start couponing and I LOVE IT!!! It has saved our family lots of money and for the first time on our lives we have a stock pile of food, health/beauty products, cleaning supplies, etc. I could not have done it if it were not for some wonderful websites!!! And the best part right now is they are doing a HUGE Mother's Day Extravaganza GIVEAWAYS. GO Check them out, and you too will fall in love with saving money and couponing (but not like your mama did it, lol)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

I have had a rough time lately. Wondering why Heavenly Father has blessed me with 4 children, 4 boys, including a set of twins. There are so many out there who would do anything to have one of their own. So why me???? I have had days that I can't do it. I get frustrated easily, my temper is quick, my home is out of whack, and love is the last thing I am thinking of. I just want to fall and cry. I want those feelings and thoughts to all go away. That person who doesn't have a child would do anything to hold one right now, and I just yelled at my three year old and told him to go to his room. Motherhood is the most difficult task I will ever complete. Why have I been chosen?
After a not so decent bed time routine, I went to the lds website
and found this wonderful message. It is only three minutes long, but I loved every second of it. The part I needed to hear the most is when Elder Holland says "the very fact that you've been given such a responsibility (referring to motherhood)is everlasting evidence of the trust you Heavenly Father has in you."
Heavenly Father knows what I am capable of. I just need to have the faith in him and myself to accomplish all that he has planned for me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

One year done. Gone. Just like that. My babies are one. I thought it was going to be the longest year of my life, but it flew by. I am having trouble comprehending how time flew. And I feel like I don’t remember anything. It is so fun to have two crawling, babbling, laughing, teasing, smiling babies.

We figured by this time they would look much different, and not so similar. We were wrong. They still look so much alike. But personalities are so different. Logan likes to climb, tease, and is my go-getter. Tyson does all the milestones first (we think he will be walking very soon), loves to play with toys (well, anything), and is my observer.

I can’t tell you how blessed I am to be their mother. They are little angles. Happy Birthday BOYS!!!!!

To celebrate we wanted to tell everyone who has helped us this past year thank you. So we had a fun party at the stake center. We had nearly 50 people show up. It shows how blessed we have been:) Here is what are invite said (I was proud of my husband for coming up with the little rhyme!)

Come join us for cake and fun
For rare is the chance to see
TWO turn ONE!!
We want to say thank you to all who have helped us in making it to this milestone. We could not have done it without you. Please join us at the Stake Center
Saturday, March 5 at 2:00 pm.
*No gifts, please*

It was a wonderful day. Happy Birthday boys!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Provo, UT Girls - BYU Divine Comedy

I finally listened to the real song California Girls- that is not a good song. I know this has nothing to do with twins. But I love it!!! Being here in Provo- it is so true:)!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our family has been very sick the last several days: ear infections, eye infections, vomiting, fevers, colds. Ya, NO FUN!!! So I have been to the doctor's office several times and to the pharmacy for all 4 of my boys.
Anytime I need to get a prescription filled for the twins- there is ALWAYS a problem. I thought at first maybe it was where I was going so I tired another pharmacy. Same thing. The problem is when the pharmacist enters in our insurance info and the babies birthdate a message says "multiple people with birthdate". I explain we have twins. Then they enter in their middle names, and there is still a problem because their middle initials are the same. We call out insurance company and they are NO help at all, not surprised. The pharmacists are wonderful and try everything to get it to go through. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Does anyone else have problems filling prescriptions for their twins???? And what is the easiest way to go about it? Thanks.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work and Personal Responsibility

Last Sunday in Relief Society we had our lesson on Work and Responsibility, It was a wonderful lesson and very well taught. One of my favorite quotes from the Gospel Principles book was on pg 157-
" Children should do their part in the work of the family. It is necessary fro children to have work assignments to fit their abilities. They need to be praised for their successes. Good work attitudes, habits, and skills are learned through successful experiences in the home."

The best part of the lesson came when the teacher asked "Why is it important to keep a balance in life between work, recreation and rest?"

The first sister to raise her hand was an older, married, and has no children. She asked how do mother find time to do that? And that's when it happened... all eyes turned to ME. There are many incredible mothers in my ward- many who I turn to for help. The teacher then asked how do I do it.

I first had to let them all know it has been a tough road this last year with the twins (who will be ONE in 21 days!!!!). There have been many times when I have told myself I can't do it. But when I get those thoughts in my head- feeling depressed, anxious, EVERYTHING is impossible -that is Satan. And he is doing a good job at trying to pull me down and feel like I can't handle anything. It took time to realize this. It did not happen overnight. And for finding balance in life I am at a point that when I need something I need to ASK. I would often tell my husband that he needs to KNOW when I need a break or want to go out and he would always tell me "I can't read your mind". I have to let him know. I have to let others know. And when I want to do something I have started to find ways to include my kids. Is it EXACTLY what I wanted? Probably not. Will it turn out the way I planned? No. I am though, creating memories for my children and myself .

One sister also reminded us that husband and wife need to have their weekly dates!!! I feel we've done a good job with that task so far this year (New Year's resolution). Since the new year we have gone out on 3 dates!!! Being we are only six weeks into the New Year:0

I want to know how you keep a good balance between work, recreation and rest? How can parents help their children maintain this balance?